Quilt Meanderings...

Quilt Meanderings...
How does this thing work and where's Ethel when you need her?

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Just Can't Decide ...

I always have a difficult time with fabric selections and finding a pattern that is "just right" for a particular person.  Ambivalence should be my middle name, or maybe vacillate.  I go back and forth between fabrics and change my mind a zillion times.  I found a fabric with chickens and a fabric with funky birds, which I definitely will use.  GB began raising chickens for a school project and now the entire family love the chickens and fresh eggs.

Fabric choices

It's not a great picture as it was taken with my Ipad.  Lazy, I know.   And now to find a pattern; I think something with a modern twist.  Any ideas?

Until we quilt again,



  1. Hey Bitch! Don't you ever answer your phone. Janice

  2. Hey... I was calling the wrong number. Hahaha. Janice. See ya next week for quilting.


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