Quilt Meanderings...

Quilt Meanderings...
How does this thing work and where's Ethel when you need her?

Monday, April 14, 2014

A New Blog

Quilting took over my life about two years ago so I thought a blog would help to keep track of my quilts.  I had never sewn or owned a sewing machine prior to quilting.  I am truly amazed and inspired by all the wonderful and talented quilters that are bloggers.

A little bit about me....
  • I have never made a quilt that has a star.
  • I am drawn to modern quilts.
  • I've only kept one quilt for myself: a lap quilt which was the first quilt that I made.
  • My first and all subsequent quilts have been free motion quilted by me.
  • My sister introduced me to quilting and we are quite the dichotomy: she likes traditional quilts and I like modern.
  • I want the quilts I make to be used daily.  There's nothing better than a well worn quilt with which to snuggle.  
  • I do not make keepsake quilts nor do I label the quilts because they are far from perfect.
  • I quilt for fun and enjoyment.  
  • I do not want a big fabric stash.  I have a ginormous yarn stash from when I was an avid knitter.
  • I finish every quilt and keep my WIPs (work in progress) at a manageable number: two.  I go crazy if I have more than two quilts in progress.  I do not like unfinished projects.  Okay... maybe I'm a little OCD in that regard.

Well that's enough about me; I'd love to get to know you.

It's time to quilt!


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